Now that’s funny

Robin and I are co-leading a life group designed to help members of our church get to know one another. Today at life group, each person brought in a favorite joke or movie clip that makes them laugh. There was quite a hodge podge of hilarious stuff – and since everyone needs a good laugh once in awhile, I thought you might enjoy these:


What happens when girls eat bullets? Their hair grows out in bangs (from Robin)

Two carrots grew up out of the ground and decided to go see the world. As they are walking across the street, one gets smashed and goes to the hospital. The other carrot is extremely worried about his friend and follows him to the hospital. The doctor tells the healthy carrot, “I have good news and bad news. The good news is that your friend is going to be all right.” The carrot asked, “Well what’s the bad news?” The doctor answered – “He will be a vegetable for the rest of his life.” (from Dave)

A preacher was driving home from a conference when a policeman noticed him swerving all around the road. The cop pulled him over and said, “Sir, have you been drinking tonight?” “No officer, only this bottle of water” the preacher replied. The cop responded, “Sir, that’s clearly a bottle of wine.” The preacher looked down and said, “Good Lord, He’s done it again!” (from Nate – but I also brought this same joke to our small group!)

Two guys were talking, and one of them asked, “What do you think is wrong with our country – apathy or ignorance?” The other responded, “I don’t know and I don’t care.” (from Chris)

A major research project was commissioned to study optimism and pessimism. They were testing subjects by bringing them back to the lab and placing them in two different rooms. The first room was filled with every kind of toy imaginable. The second room was filled with horse manure. The boys were placed in the rooms and their behaviors were observed by the researchers. The first boy stood skeptically in the doorway of the first room filled with toys, then entered and systematically rejected the toys in turn, saying, “These aren’t like my toys at home.” “It’s hot. I don’t have any friends to play with.” etc. before finally sitting down in the middle of the room, shouting, “I’m bored and I want to go home.” The researchers then went to the second room where they saw another boy wildly shoveling horse manure. He was animated, alive, excited and happy. They asked the boy, “Son, what are you doing?” A huge grin crossed the boy’s face and he replied, “Sir, with all this manure I just know there is a pony in here somewhere!”  (from Chris)

Youtube Clips:

From the Jimmy Kimmel show – Jimmy announced a  YouTube Challenge where parents told their  kids that they ate all their halloween candy and recorded their reactions (from Gina):

This was my pick, an instructional video on how to worship appropriately:



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