A lighted cross…

I went to the Boston Pastors Prayer Summit on Tuesday. The fall prayer summit is an opportunity for forty or so pastors and leaders in the area to pray together for the entire day. Of all the things that people want to do, some might consider praying for twelve hours to not  quite make the top of their list. But when I think about the prayer summit I attended last spring, I would have to say that it was a definite highlight of my year. You see, there is something special about taking time away to seek God corporately and engage in His heart together as a body. At the summit, you also are given the opportunity to share meals with one another, which fosters these neccessary relationships with brothers and sisters who are all working to glorify God in this area. The first time that my pastor Kent attended the prayer summit, he was amazed at the amount of unity he felt, which is largely due to this intentional time for relationship-building across cultures and denominations.

To begin the morning, Pastor Tom Griffith thanked everyone for coming and said that he believes there is no better way to spend your time than to minister to God in this way. I have found this to be true – there is power when we come together to pray.  In Acts, after Jesus had been crucified, all of the disciples were in an upper room praying together “in one accord”, and this is when the Holy Spirit came to dwell with us. In my mind, there is nothing I would rather be doing –  Yes, it is stretching, and yes there are times when your mind wanders and you think of all the other things that you “should” be doing. But then you wait, your mind becomes silent, there is peace, and love, and you look around the room and realize that it is a sacrifice for each person to be taking time away from their regular schedules to put Jesus and the kingdom of God in this area first, and you realize, yes, this is why I came. Plus, I get excited about eating corn chowder and apple pie with “famous” pastors (as I used to call them,) well known leaders who minister in this area who are nearly impossible to set up a meeting with any other way :-)

Here’s a picture of the cross that illuminated on the floor just after we started praying. It’s cool how God does stuff like this, in the natural realm, to display what is happening in the spiritual:

Then another woman pointed out to me that you could actually see it reflected on the trees outside – can you find it in the photo below?


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