Testimony: Only God Could Bring Us Together!

The new team of UniteBoston Reps!

The new team of UniteBoston Reps!

Last fall, a colleague of mine pointed out that although UniteBoston’s ministry is seeking to unite the Christian community in Boston, our volunteers and participants thusfar have mainly consisted of White Evangelicals.While this might not be a problem for some ministries, for UniteBoston, diversity is an organizational goal. We cannot achieve our mission of uniting God’s people unless within our team we also represent the diversity of the Christian community.

Last November, I began praying for a more diverse team of UniteBoston Reps. A sticky note on my desk reminded me to pray daily that God would bring us UniteBoston Reps from eight different denominational and ethnic backgrounds.

A few weeks ago, when we launched our new team of UB Reps, to my surprise, we had new reps from every single one of the categories that I had been praying for!

unnamed (1)

Let this be a witness to the fact that God is good and He answers prayer! Only Christ could bring this group of people together. He is moving in a big way through this ministry.

Ephesians 2:14 says that Christ himself is our peace and has made the two groups one, and destroyed the dividing walls of hostility.

We carry a simple, yet profound message: In Christ, we are one.

Thus, I am convinced that the degree to which the UB team reflects diversity is the degree to which our ministry is able to bring reconciliation to the deep ethnical and denominational divides within Boston’s Christian community.

We have just launched 11 new UniteBoston Reps! Pray for us as we continue building relationships with pastors and city leaders, and discern how churches and ministries can collaborate together to further God’s work.

What can God do with a city that is united in His love? Let’s make Boston that city!

Kelly Steinhaus

UniteBoston Team Leader



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