God is Uniting Boston With A Nationwide Prayer Movement!

This morning in my time of prayer, I was struck by the words “At that time, people began to call on the name of the Lord” (Genesis 4:26).

I believe we are entering into a time where the Lord is inviting us to call on His name.

These past four months, a team has been forming to prepare and plan for 10 Days Boston, an opportunity to set apart a season of seeking God together as the wider of body of Christ, in such a way that moves us beyond the walls of our own local churches, denominations, and ethnic groups.

We have an exciting line-up of churches this year, including a diverse variety of geographical gatherings (Cambridge, Jamaica Plain, Fenway, Suburbs) ethnic groups (Indian, Korean) and denominational streams (Catholic, Orthodox, Taize, and Evangelical). God has grown the team that is preparing and planning for 10 Days immensely this past year; it’s truly been a joy to see this unfold.

This year’s 10 Days takes place from September 24 to October 4 – Mark your calendars and check out the full schedule here: www.10daysboston.com

Also, click here to watch an update video about 10 Days Boston:

But that’s not all we have to be excited about. God is uniting hearts on a national scale! We are in a season where God is stirring hearts all around the nation to the place of prayer. Jonathan Friz, founder of 10 Days, is calling it “Divine Convergence.”

The Call Berkeley, Portland’s “Seven” movement, and 40 Days of Hope are all scheduled to end on October 4th – the same ending day for the 10 days of prayer! What a delight to see how the Holy Spirit has coordinated our schedules!

Convergences like these point to the fact that God is at work and to emphasize the importance of the call and the timing. We believe that God is calling us to unite these movements and form a bridge from West Coast to East Coast – here are some ways as to how you can do that.

Please prayerfully consider:

1. Joining in a nation-wide, 40-day fast from August 26 to October 4th with the 40 Days of Hope

2. Attend one of the six times weekly prayer sets that are taking place at the Justice House of Prayer in Cambridge

3. Come out to the daytime prayer and evening gatherings during 10 Days Boston, beginning on September 24th and concluding at the Boston Night of Worship at Lion of Judah Church on October 4th

God is up to great things – It’s a pleasure and an honor to take part in His kingdom coming in Boston with you!

P.S. Special thanks to our friends at the Emmanuel Gospel Center for sponsoring this year’s 10 Days Boston!


Click on this link to watch a playlist of all the 10 Days Video Updates from 2014!


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