Praying for Boston


“Seek the peace & prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper…” (Jeremiah 29:7)

During 10 Days Boston, the “I Am Second” Boston Expedition, and the United Night of Worship, Christians throughout the city shared prayer requests and praises for Boston (see photo at right). Here’s what you said:

Praises for Communities

  • Allston – Laborers from metro-west join Bostonians
  • Allston – More people are willing to talk about Jesus
  • Cambridge – Praise for the foreign-born population who can take the gospel to their home countries
  • Chinatown – Praise God for a bold expression of Christianity – the crime rate and homeless population has gone down.
  • Dedham – There is a Catholic/ecumenical group that is developing
  • Dorchester – Praise God that a friend was miraculously healed of cancer!
  • Lexington – God is stirring hearts for prayer at Grace Chapel
  • Lower Mills – Has the densest presence of churches in Boston
  • Malden – Praise for a new Chinese church plant and a mayor who is friendly to churches
  • Orchard Gardens – 16 new Christ-followers!
  • Somerville – Local churches (such as Vida Real) are being obedient to discipleship and evangelism
  • Somerville – YWAM Missionary center is finalized

Praying for Communities

  • Brookline/Coolidge Corner – Pray that it would be crime-free – May the Lord change hearts on the streets!
  • Cambridge – Pray for the homeless community
  • Cambridge – Pray against the intellectualism and universalist mentalities
  • Charlestown – Pray for more jobs, kids, youth, safety
  • Chelsea – Needs a church for its AME population
  • Codman Square (Dorchester) – Pray for the safety of our youth, especially in the early morning hours
  • Dorchester – Pray that churches would look outside their walls to reach out to others
  • Harvard – For souls to be saved, that the love of Christ would permeate dorm rooms
  • Harvard – Pray for abundant provision for church plants in the area
  • Jamaica Plain – Pray for a hunger & thirst for holiness and righteousness
  • Lexington – Someone who grew up in Lexington had never heard of Grace Chapel; pray that churches would effectively reach out to their communities
  • Mattapan – Pray that the cycle of violence might end
  • Medford – Pray for the Vineyard church plant
  • MIT – Pray for boldness and transformation among the believers
  • Roxbury – For the body of Christ to get involved to end gang and drug violence
  • Waltham – Lord I lift the church in Waltham, especially the children. Let love abound. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


City-Wide Praises
  • Diversity of people groups in Boston and the way that ethnic congregations are flourishing
  • 67 professions of faith and 20 new “I am Second” Groups started with the recent E3 evangelism training
  • Divine appointments on trains and buses
  • 10,000 people who attended the United Night of Worship 2013 and the 75 people who responded to turn towards the Lord!
  • Thank God for His abundant resources for His work
  • We in New Hampshire are so glad that the Spirit moves in Boston so powerfully. He is good!

UNOW 2013 (Photo Courtesy Glenn Silva)

City-Wide Prayers
  • That a new generation of youth would rise up and declare Jesus as Lord!
  • Jesus, we humble ourselves as your Church and seek You first
  • Pray for the new mayor and that the people in authority would govern wisely
  • Pray for spiritual renewal and sound doctrine to be preached in every church
  • Pray for health and healing for all those who are sick
  • Pray that all who accepted Christ would be protected against attacks of Satan
  • Pray for the end of abortion
  • For supernatural awakening, and that Christ’s movement would overtake!
  • Pray for a Christian radio station from the Renew FM network in Downtown Boston
  • The workers are few but the harvest is plentiful; pray for more laborers for the harvest field!
  • That the Holy Spirit would unite Christian community in Greater Boston for God’s glory!
  • May all be blessed

Photo Courtesy Sam Benesh

We encourage you to take time this week to lift up the city in prayer. Though we all come from different denominations and backgrounds, we can be united in praying for our city.

A great place to post ongoing prayer requests & praises is the UniteBoston forums

Yes, we are “Boston Strong” – our strength comes from our unity and faith in Jesus Christ.

May His kingdom come and His will be done in Boston and to the ends of the earth!

In Him,

The UniteBoston Team


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