February Newsletter: India

Highlights from this month:
Loving women & children in the Red Light District of Mumbai, India
Next Month: Love Acts ministry in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Exciting Team Changes

Hello friends and family!Last month, we spent approximately eight hours a day in the Manna House, a safe home for women and children right in the heart of Mumbai’s Red Light District. Many of the children came from broken families, so our role was simply to love them they way they should be loved. Every day was full of dance parties, games, and lots of hugs. One thing that I really enjoyed about this month was the consistency of our ministry – seeing the same people every day allowed us to really build relationships and go deep with the people we were ministering to. It’s hard for me to describe this month without telling the stories of the women and children that we met – I’d encourage you to read my blog “When Statistics Get Skin,” which is one of my favorite blogs that I have written. I became good friends with a woman named Jaya*  who was trafficked as a 15-year-old to the area. Since then, Jaya had become extremely sick with HIV and Tuberculosis. I walked with her every day to the clinic to receive her TB shot. As we held hands walking, I prayed for her and told her she was going to get better. It was amazing for me to see the transformation in her in just three weeks – the last day I saw her, Jaya was smiling and looked so strong. A little hope can really transform you mentally, physically, and spiritually.

At the end of the month, we took seven women bowling in a nearby mall. Many of them had never been to a mall before, and it was fascinating to see our friends navigate elevators and Western toilets. Read a blog about this here We also took the children of the Manna House to the park one morning to give them the chance to run and play as all children should have. Finally, we also visited a house church weekly in the slums, and worked on the Manna House of Prayer website.

This has definitely been the most impactful month for me thusfar on the World Race. My eyes have been opened to the injustices and the brokenness in our world – the complexity of the situations of people involved in the sex industry is astounding. But I’m also coming to understand the incredible hope that we have in Christ, and how we are all just searching for this love in different ways. God is stirring a longing within me for Jesus to return and restore our world to how it should be.

Finally, I’d also encourage you to try out this recipe for Asian Steamed Momos – these vegetable and meat dumplings are one of the most delicious meals I’ve had thusfar in our journey across the world!

Here’s our team’s highlight video that Meghan put together about our month in India:

Next Month: Chiang Mai, Thailand
In March, we’ll be working in the bars of the Red Light District in Chaing Mai, Thailand with a ministry called Love Acts. Our main ministry will be building relationships with the girls, ladyboys, and children who work there. We will also teach English classes three times a week, showing Jesus through our actions and lives. You can click on the image below to watch a video about Love Acts…

Team Changes!
Next month, I’ve been invited to step up into leadership within our squad. I’ll be leading an all-women’s team for our ministry in Chiang Mai. One of my goals on the World Race was that I would grow as a leader, so I’m really excited about this opportunity.

Prayer Requests & Praises!

  • Praise! Thanks for your prayers – I was able to fix my netbook for only $70 in Mumbai! This is a huge blessing as it allows me to keep in touch with family and you all
  • Pray for refreshment – it’s been an exhausting month. I’d appreciate your prayers for rejuvenation and spiritual revitalization as we enter another emotionally challenging month
  • Pray for wisdom as I step into leadership. We will most likely only be in this team for one month, so pray that our team would “dive in” without hesitation and grow in the time we have together

“Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked (Psalm 82:3)

In His love,


*Note: Jaya’s name has been changed to protect her identity


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