Portraits of Life in Nepal: A Photoblog

I’ve really enjoyed taking photographs this month…Nepal is a country with beautiful land and beautiful people. The Nepalese spend a lot of time outdoors, and in this part of the world it’s not impolite to stare (who knew!?) which means it’s easy to get a lot of great portraits! Here are a few moments I captured of work, school, and play in Nepal.

Nepal: a land of yellows, pinks, and greens


Here, a Nepalese man stops to rest amidst the busyness of the market


Cows are a sacred animal in Nepal (you can’t even buy beef at markets or order it in restaurants!) Here, two young children pose beside their prized possessions. Just a moment later, this young boy hid behind the cow.


Two young boys wait patiently on the side of the hill as they tend to their grazing sheep P1030945

After spending three months in Africa, where women and men’s roles are clearly defined, it was refreshing to see men help with cooking and cleaning in Nepal. Below, a man shucks corn while his wife stands to the side.


In this part of the world, people get creative in their crafts and handiworks. Here, a woman weaves shiny plastic wrappers between bamboo poles to form a rug. P1030967

A young woman stops to catch her breath on her way to a village on the top of the mountainside


Two young boys pedal up the hill on their way home from schoolP1030997

Nepalese girls and boys are hard workers and great students. Here are the five students that came to our home every afternoon for tutoring. P1040099

A young boy sells oranges in the city center (which are super delicious, by the way!)


The Nepalese greet by folding their hands together and say, “Namaste” which means “The light in me bows to the light in you.”


Life in Nepal: Simple and Beautiful.


Here is our team’s highlight video from Nepal:

And here’s Adam’s video about their month in Nepal with the Tharu people group:

Sent? from Adam Smith on Vimeo.


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