Prayer Focus: Malawi [video]

This month, we had the privilege of traveling all over the country of Malawi – it’s been fascinating to compare and contrast the various regions of God’s kingdom here…

For about nine days, we worked with Pastor Eddie in Nkotakota with Timothy Harvest Ministries. I was so inspired by Pastor Eddie’s testimony. He actually used to be a renowned Muslim teacher in the area, but one night he attended a Christian gathering and, well, to put it short, God radically changed his life. Even amidst incredible persecution, he held fast to his faith in Christ and the things that God had done in his life. Hear his story here:


Pastor Eddie also shares a few ways that we can be praying for the nation of Malawi. These include:

1. Pray for economic growth…Poverty is widespread in Malawi – As the population has grown, the agricultural land is becoming increasingly exhausted, which has drastically affected Malawi’s economy. We saw this in the scarcity of bibles in Malawi – at a youth conference, only about one in ten Christian youth owned a bible. Pray that God would continue to provide financially for Malawians and that the Holy Spirit would put it on other people’s hearts to donate bibles so all can access God’s word.

2. Pray for access to training for pastors and workers. Churches are multiplying throughout Malawi, but many pastors are leading churches without any sort of training. The traditional model of theological education cannot produce leaders fast enough to meet the needs of the Church, so pray that more discipleship and leadership training courses would be made available for all.

3. The increasing activity of Islam is a significant issue in Malawi – over 80% of the Yao peoples in Malawi are Muslim (Source: Operation World). Pray for awareness and equipping of Christians to meet this challenge, as well as an understanding of concrete ways for Christians to show Jesus’ love to this community. In addition to this, pray for the peace of Christ to surround and protect communities where Christians are persecuted.

4. Pray for wisdom for governmental leaders– Malawi is currently challenged with high levels of national debt, AIDS, and unemployment. Pray that governmental leaders would lead the nation justly and be led by the Holy Spirit in making decisions.

Pastor Eddie has an incredible reach into the Muslim community within Nkotakota because of his background. In many parts of the city, nearly every household is Muslim and he has gained an incredible sense of respect among local Muslim leaders. Pastor Eddie dreams of equipping local pastors and leaders throughout Malawi to reach their Muslim brothers and sisters. However, in order to provide these trainings, he is in need of financial support. If you would like to learn more about Pastor Eddie and his vision, you can contact him at


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