“The Lion King” Comes to Life

There is only one word that can be used to describe the last 48 hours: EPIC.

These past two days, we were able to bless our ministry contact, his family, and the cooks who have been serving us on a two-day safari in the Masai Mara, which is the Kenya side of the Sarangeti. Here is a photo of the savannah we saw on the first day we arrived:


It was seriously like the Lion King coming to life – there were animals nearly everywhere you looked. Some favorite moments included:

1. Climbing on top of the van to take a photo with the elephants:P1020906

2. Finding a male and female lion hanging out in the shade under the tree, then watching them lick each other and YAWN…

Snapshot 2 (10-31-2012 8-52 AM)

3. Watching a giraffe watch us watching a giraffe


4. Crossing the Mara River by boat

Snapshot 1 (11-1-2012 10-25 AM)

5. Zebras: One of God’s most beautiful creatures


6. Lots of photos under the really cool-looking African trees: P1020934


7. Pitching our tents in a native Masai village, where we were one of the first white people to stay…I stayed up late that night around a campfire talking to some young boys about what it takes to become a Masai warrior.



8. Watching the sunrise the next morning, while an elephant family crossed on the field behind


9. Then running across the savannah to try to take a photo with the giraffes!

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to see what we saw – I had been praying that God would send me to the “bush” where there was no running water or electricity, and He did! I love the adventures that God takes us on and the beautiful ladies that He has given me the opportunity to share life with!

Here’s my teammate Megan’s video from our safari journey:

And here’s Adam’s video about the Masai:

The Masai from Adam Smith on Vimeo.


One thought on ““The Lion King” Comes to Life

  1. So cool! What was something the young boys mentioned they had to do to become a warrior? Love that your blog is “onekingdomwarrior” and you got to hang out with Masai people :)

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