October Newsletter: Kenya!

Newsletter 11/03/12
In this month’s newsletter:
Preaching the gospel all over Kenya
African safari!
(See the elephants behind?)
Next month: Serving in Mwanza, Tanzania

Preaching the Gospel in Kenya

This past month, we lived in a small town on the southwest corner of Kenya called Isibania. I seriously love Africa! I love the green hilly valleys  that we explore on our morning runs, the sing-song language of Swahili, and how worshipping Jesus here is more like a party than a church service. There are also some really funny things about being a mzungu (white person) in Africa – read my blog post about this here. It’s a whole different lifestyle here in Kenya – in many places there is no running water, so every day we pulled up gallons of water up a well for bathing, washing clothes, and cleaning. Although when I lived in America I deemed running water to be an essential part of life,  I’m starting to re-evaluate the things that we really need to be happy.
This month, we’ve had the amazing opportunity to share the word of God at schools, police station, and even a prison! In addition to this, our team had to prepare and give three sermons each Sunday. It’s been a joy to see God work through my teammates to share God’s word. A few testimonies include:
-At an all-girl’s high school, 14 girls came up to pray to surrender their lives to Christ
-At the prison, dozens of men responded to re-commit their lives to following Jesus
-On our last day of ministry, we were so impressed with the attentiveness of the boys at an all-boys high school as we shared the gospel. We heard later that many boys that night were delivered from evil spirits and had been set free – praise God!
If you’ve ever wondered what a day on the World Race is like, I videotaped a day in our life,which includes sharing the gospel at a Kenyan prison, killing and cooking a chicken for dinner, getting stuck in a massive afternoon rainstorm, and praying for students at a high school. Click on the picture to watch the video:
An African Safari
At the end of the month, we were able to bless our ministry contact, his family, and the cooks who had been serving us on a two-day safari in the Masai Mara, which is the Kenyan side of the Sarangeti. Two of our pastor’s children had never been on a safari before, and it was so incredible to experience the diversity of wildlife of God’s creation with them. We saw giraffes, babboons, a male and female lion, zebras, and more! The highlight for me was sleeping in the native Masai village and staying up late around a campfire talking to the young boys about what it takes to become a Masai warrior. We then woke up the next morning to watch the sunrise, and as the sun came over the horizon a family of elephants crossed on the ridge behind. It was so surreal…definitely a moment to remember forever. You can read more about our Safari adventures here
Next month: Tanzania
In a few hours, I leave to take an overnight bus to Mwanza, Tanzania, where we’ll be doing more house visits, preaching the gospel, and praying for the sick. 
Prayer Requests:
  • Please pray for my friend Emily. Emily is one of my closest friends on the World Race, and she had to go back to America because of difficulties overcoming an eating disorder. I’ve always felt that there is something incredibly freeing about cutting your hair, so I decided to shave my head in honor of her. Pray that she would find the right treatment program and she would find her freedom.
  • God’s continued protection and health for the 55 people in my squad. Already a few of my squadmates have been diagnosed with malaria.
  • Greater unity among the members of my team as we continue to grow together
Thanks for joining me on this journey!  My prayer for you today is:”May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else, just as ours does for you.” (1 Thessalonians 3:12)

In His love and joy,Kelly


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