A Day in the Life on the World Race: Kenya

On our flight to Africa, I watched a documentary entitled, “Life in a Day,”  where one day in 2010 thousands of people all over the world filmed themselves as they went about their day. The movie producers compiled these together beautifully into a film which shows the kaleidoscope of people and cultures that exist on our planet describing the story of a single day on earth.

I was so inspired by this film that I decided to make a “Life in a Day” film about living in Kenya and our ministry opportunities on the World Race. This month, we’ve had the opportunity to preach the gospel in schools, the police station, and even prisons. In addition to this, our team had to prepare and teach three sermons every Sunday! It’s been such a joy to see God work through my teammates to share the word of God.

The bible says that the gospel is the power of God for salvation of everyone who believes(Romans 1:16), and we found this to be so true. Although Kenya is supposedly 82% Christian (Source: Operation World), and most Kenyans have been taught from an early age about the life of Christ, still many do not understand about the value having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. A few testimonies include:

At an all-girl’s high school, around a dozen young women coming up to surrender their lives to Christ:


At the prison, dozens of people came up to receive prayer to re-commit their lives to following Christ

Snapshot 1 (11-1-2012 9-02 AM)

Our last day of ministry, we were so impressed with the attentiveness of the boys at an all-boys high school as we shared the gospel. We heard later that many boys that night were delivered from captivity to bondage to evil spirits and had been set free – praise God!

If you’ve ever wondered what a day on the World Race is like, you’re in for a treat! Don’t miss this film, which includes sharing the gospel at a Kenyan prison, killing and cooking a chicken for dinner, getting stuck in a massive afternoon rainstorm, and praying for students at a high school:

Finally, here is my teammate Megan’s video about our month in Kenya:


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