September Newsletter: Changed Lives in Transnistria

Newsletter 10/03/12
In this month’s newsletter:
Stories, photos, and videos from Transnistria
My new team: Team Bithiah, serving in Kenya this month!
Back in Boston: Testimonies from 10 Days of Worship and Prayer


Changed Lives in Transnistria
The past month, we have been serving in Tiraspol, Transnistria, a landlocked country sandwiched between Moldova and Ukraine. The history of Transnistria is fascinating – it is a communist, Russian-controlled country that is actually not recognized by the rest of the world – you can read more about the history of Transnistria here. Our ministry this month has consisted of teaching English classes, holding biweekly conversation groups for university students, and doing youth outreach. My teammate Emily wrote an awesome blog entitled “A Day in the Life” – I’d encourage you to read it here if you have ever wondered what a typical day on the World Race is like.
We’ve had a lot of adventures this month, including a trip to the Moldovan dentist because of my chipped tooth.  I’ve also felt really inspired to worship Jesus through dance – I woke up many mornings these past few weeks and danced on the field on the side of our home. Although I haven’t felt particularly connected to this culture, the highlight of this month for me was seeing God work in Dima’s life, a university student who attended our biweekly conversation groups in the park. At the end of the month, Dima prayed that God would come to him and help him and change him. We videotaped Dima’s story of how his life was radically changed because of this prayer – I’d encourage you to watch it!
What’s next:
The past few days, we’ve been in Bucharest, Romania for team debriefs. I’m super pumped about the five other adventurous women that  that I’ve been placed with. One of the things we have in common is we all love worship, so we named ourselves Team Bithiah, which is a Hebrew word meaning “Daughters of Worship.”
Tomorrow we leave on an 8-hour bus ride to go to Isibania, Kenya, which is a small town in southwest Kenya near the Tanzania border. We don’t know exactly what our ministry work will entail this next month, but we’re told that  we will be addressing youth violence through counseling as well as doing some sports ministry. It’s been a childhood dream of mine to visit Africa, so I’m really excited to see what God has in store for us!
Back in Boston:
One year ago, I helped to co-organize the first-ever 10 Days Boston – ten days of day and night worship and prayer gatherings taking place in different locations throughout Boston. This year, this took place from September 16th to 26th and involved more than 54 churches/ministries. One of the biggest praises of 10 Days Boston this year was incorporating some of our Catholic brothers, as well as the Boston Night of Worship taking place outdoors in downtown Boston!  It’s amazing to see how God has grown this movement in just one year.  You can learn more about 10 Days Boston here
Prayer Requests:
  • Unity and vulnerability among the six women of my new team, Team Bithiah. I’m excited to press into God’s heart together with these women.
  • God’s continued protection and health for the 55 people in my squad. This is very important as we begin to enter into parts of Africa that are very Malaria-ridden. In addition to this, for the past few months, many of my squadmates have been battling continued digestive issues, and two have actually had to go home due to back problems.
Thanks for lifting us up in prayer and joining me on this journey!  Every day I praise God for the privilege of serving Him and doing what I can to shine His love all around the world.
In His love and joy,



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