Ukraine Highlights Video!

We had such an amazing month in Ukraine! Here are highlights of our ministry serving in a children’s camp and teaching English in Rivne, Ukraine:

What struck me most about the Ukranian people was the way that they immediately welcomed us into their lives as family. We met so many awesome people that we had to make a separate video of the testimonies of how God worked to change lives during our English camp and the advice they have for us for the remainder of our journey.


For the next month, we will be serving in Tiraspol, which is the largest city in a country called Transnistria. You may be thinking, “Transnistria? I’ve never heard of it!”  Transnistria is a region within Moldova that has effectively seceded from Moldova with Russian backing – it is a separate country but isn’t officially recognized internationally as one. We’re serving with a charasmatic church in a city called Tiraspol, which we are told is run by the Mafia. Although we’re not really sure yet what that means, we’re excited for our ministry this month which consists of teaching English and organizing youth clubs.

Here are some prayer requests for our team for this month:

  • Our team is characterized by its diversity – pray that we may be able to come together in unity in order to capitalize on the incredible combination of giftings within and honor one another in every situation
  • Pray that God would continue to show us how we can challenge one another spiritually, and that we would continually make Him our priority
  • Katy has been appointed the team leader for this season of the World Race. She has already done an awesome job in this role – Pray for a smooth transition and wisdom as she continues to grow as a leader
  • Personally, God has been revealing to me a number of ways that I can grow in. Specifically, He is teaching me about humility… Pray that I would continue to be sensitive to His leading and learn how to humble myself in all situations

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