One thing you’ll learn about me is that I have a huge passion for the city of Boston. I never thought I’d end up in a city, as there’s nothing that I like more than hiking, biking and camping out in nature…but here I am and I can honestly say I love this city.

I went on a run the other day, and for those of you who don’t live in Boston I wanted to give you a quick video tour of the Longfellow Bridge with views of both Cambridge and Boston:

In the video, you also hear an exhortation by Pastor Tom Griffith about his perspective on God’s destiny for Boston. Boston was founded by John Winthrop as a city on a hill and a light to the nations. Today, Boston has been referred to as the hub of the world. If you’re living in this city, I’d encourage you to really take to heart what Pastor Tom shares here – it’s filled with wisdom.

In the Perspectives in the World Christian Movement class I took earlier this year, I learned that since the beginning of time God has worked by bringing people in and then sending them out. What I’m realizing is that this is exactly what happens here in Boston. I attend various meetings of pastors and leaders throughout the city, and nearly once a month, I meet someone new with the same story, saying something like: “I felt like God told me to come to Boston, and here I am.”

God truly brings people here from all over the world – Did you know that 1 in 3 Cambridge residents was born in another country? It’s also been deemed a gateway city for immigrants.

Not only this, but another unique characteristic about Boston is the number of college students – during the school year, nearly 10% of Boston’s population is in school (over 329,000 students). This city is filled with young innovators – there are more non-profits per capita in Massachusetts than any other state.

Yes, Boston is truly a unique city among the cities in the nations. People come here, get trained, and then get sent all over the world. For these reasons, Pastor Tom Griffith of River of Life Church says that Boston is meant to be a training ground for the nations. He encourages us to take hold of what God has for us in this city, because what you learn in Boston will be good anywhere in the world…

In nine days I will be leaving this city, heading to the nations. I will miss you Boston!


2 thoughts on “Boston

  1. How exciting to know that God is alive and moving in Boston. I visited there over ten years ago, took the time to find a church for Sunday morning but saw little evidence of what I would call a “Christian influence” otherwise. The church was old, large and very empty that morning but I felt His presence there. Here’s to Boston and those who are living it out there on a day to day basis for His Kingdom!!

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