A Love Story

We’re made for a love story, not a performance. The desire to be intimate, to have someone know us and us know them is knit into the fabric of our being. This theme is so evident in the stories we tell and types of movies that we create. Yet, life has taught us to live in an external world where efficiency and performance are everything.

Similarly, many times we are taught that being a Christian means to read the bible, go to church on Sundays, or recite passages of scripture. Thus, our communion with God becomes replaced by activity for God.

The past few months, God has begun to reveal that this was true in my life. In leaving my current ministry work, I thought God was going to use this time to teach me about the nations. More than that I’m finding that God wants to use this experience to teach me about my relationship with Him.

Nearly every time I have opened the bible for the past month, God has led me to John 15. I’m coming to realize the significance of God using a vine and gardener to explain our relationship with Him. Fruit doesn’t come because the vine performs, rather the fruit happens as a result of simply growing in the vine.

Yes, we’re made for a love story, and our relationship with Jesus is less like obeying a bunch of rules and more like dancing on our daddy’s feet. God is less like a mastermind moving around chess pieces throughout the world and more like man in love passionately pursuing his bride at all costs.

Ultimately, this life we live is all about abiding – a seeking for, longing for, staying with, and waiting for Christ’s love, at every moment. In this message, I share about the love story between Jesus and His people, and my personal journey of discovering that life isn’t about doing more for God, but being with God more.

Listen to it here:



Here’s a Youtube Video I reference during the sermon called “Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus”


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