Beautiful Day At The Beach! An Answered Prayer

As we concluded the 10 Days of Prayer, Frank, Jonathan and I (the 10 Days Boston co-planning team) decided that a day at the beach was in store for us to relax and rejuvinate. After the intensity of the ten days we had spent praying and fasting, it seemed to be a perfect idea, especially when Jonathan invited us to his newly acquired house just a few blocks from a private beach (the biggest private beach in the NorthEast, I might add!) What a treat! The problem was, it was going to have to be October 20 before we could go, which is a bit late in the season for a day at the beach.

However, we decided to believe God for a nice day. I started praying for sun, and Jonathan was praying for unseasonably warm weather. Things weren’t looking good when it was completely rainy for two days prior for our beach date, and it was even drizzly and foggy that morning when we were finishing up our final 10 Days Boston wrap-up video. Brandt, the film producer asked us, “Do you think you’ll get any sun this afternoon?” to which Jonathan replied, “Of course. Kelly prayed that there would be sun.”
You see, there’s something released when we believe God for big things, even like the weather. Jonathan told me on the car ride over that his son Gabe frequently prays for the weather, and it’s amazing how many times he gets what he asks for. One time Gabe was praying so much for rain so their plants would be watered, that Jonathan told him to stop praying for rain!
Well, lo and behold, we step out of the film studio after a few hours indoors, and it was completely sunny. No cloud in the sky to be found. Not only that, but we looked at the thermometer on the car. 70 degrees. Praise God – we serve a God that gives good gifts to His children – like beautiful 70-degree sunny days in late October!
It was so warm that I waded in the water up to my waist, Jonathan’s daughter Eva ran around without any clothes on, and Jonathan said he didn’t even get cold after going out in the kayak to surf the waves.
I’m an ocean-lover, so come with Jonathan, Frank, myself, and Jonathan’s beautiful family for a day at the beach with this video:

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