Beautiful Day At The Beach! An Answered Prayer

As we concluded the 10 Days of Prayer, Frank, Jonathan and I (the 10 Days Boston co-planning team) decided that a day at the beach was in store for us to relax and rejuvinate. After the intensity of the ten days we had spent praying and fasting, it seemed to be a perfect idea, especially when Jonathan invited us to his newly acquired house just a few blocks from a private beach (the biggest private beach in the NorthEast, I might add!) What a treat! The problem was, it was going to have to be October 20 before we could go, which is a bit late in the season for a day at the beach.

However, we decided to believe God for a nice day. I started praying for sun, and Jonathan was praying for unseasonably warm weather. Things weren’t looking good when it was completely rainy for two days prior for our beach date, and it was even drizzly and foggy that morning when we were finishing up our final 10 Days Boston wrap-up video. Brandt, the film producer asked us, “Do you think you’ll get any sun this afternoon?” to which Jonathan replied, “Of course. Kelly prayed that there would be sun.”
You see, there’s something released when we believe God for big things, even like the weather. Jonathan told me on the car ride over that his son Gabe frequently prays for the weather, and it’s amazing how many times he gets what he asks for. One time Gabe was praying so much for rain so their plants would be watered, that Jonathan told him to stop praying for rain!
Well, lo and behold, we step out of the film studio after a few hours indoors, and it was completely sunny. No cloud in the sky to be found. Not only that, but we looked at the thermometer on the car. 70 degrees. Praise God – we serve a God that gives good gifts to His children – like beautiful 70-degree sunny days in late October!
It was so warm that I waded in the water up to my waist, Jonathan’s daughter Eva ran around without any clothes on, and Jonathan said he didn’t even get cold after going out in the kayak to surf the waves.
I’m an ocean-lover, so come with Jonathan, Frank, myself, and Jonathan’s beautiful family for a day at the beach with this video:

10 Days Boston Update

10 Days of worship, prayer, and fasting, building up to the Boston Night of Worship on October 9…

From September 29 to October 9, I worked with two other leaders in the area to organize and plan 10 Days Boston, which involved two daytime prayer sets each day, as well as evening gatherings happening in churches throughout the city. In the planning, we intentionally reached out to a variety of denominations and people groups throughout the city. I felt that each night I experienced a different part of the heart of God – it’s not every day you get to worship with Koreans or say Psalm 133 in Arabic. It truly gives you an understanding that truly it is Christ who binds the Church together.

One huge blessing was that a gentleman in the area offered to video updates for us during the ten days. So even if you weren’t here in the Boston area, or weren’t able to participate, you can still check out what God was doing!

Here’s a video about the vision of the 10 Days – graciously prepared by the video team at Pentecostal Tabernacle and beautifully done:

Here are the video updates that Brandt Gillespie of prepared for us. I served as the “on-scene reporter”…I never imagined that I would be on some sort of televised production, but sometimes God surprises us with the opportunities that come our way!

Personally, I feel completely grown, changed through this experience. It was an incredible season for me – not simply from the ten days, but from the entire process of working with my brothers Jonathan and Frank – catching the vision and running with it to mobilize leaders of congregations in different churches. Each evening gathering had about an average of fifty to one hundred people in attendance – so to think that this vision touched 500 to 1000 people in the area is pretty incredible. I sense that there is a fabric that is being interwoven, knitted together among the body, and that rather than the end of the ten days, this is the beginning…

I have also experienced a greater understanding as to the transformative power of prayer and fasting. There is something about fasting that enables you to completely die to yourself and rely only on Christ. That, coupled with spending 7+ hours a day in the presence of God, praying, worshipping, journaling, being with God’s people – my heart feels completely soft to the movings of the spirit. Right now, I don’t want to do anything to quench His spirit, His leadings. As the fast concluded, I feel a sort of resurrection to new life. I now have a greater sense of what God is saying and doing, a clearer voice, greater intimacy than before, and I praise Him for that.

Corporately, what I am beginning to understand is that there is something released between individuals when they decide to pray and fast together – deciding to consecrate not only their time but their physical nourishment for the sake of Christ together. This engages hearts, minds, bodies, and souls and begins to bring them together into a spiritual union. One tangible expression of this was during the Arabic and Messianic Jewish gathering where Pastor Khokhlan washed the feet of his Arab brothers as a symbol of reconciliation among the people groups (see video update #3 for real-time footage)

Jonathan remarked how he now doesn’t see the colors of people’s skin anymore – as though there is no difference at all, or that the differences are something highly valuable. I feel similarly – and it was a running joke that Frank called Jonathan and myself his “twin brother and sister.” As the ten days progressed, an incredible sense of brotherly love began to emerge between Frank, Jonathan, and myself – and we couldn’t even sit at the Boston Night of Worship in separate seats without texting one another, longing to worship together as we had for the past ten days.

Colossians 3:14 says “Beyond all these things, put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity.” My question is – what could God do with a church that is united like that? What if not just dozens, but hundreds, thousands of Christians were able to experience that spiritual union and the cords of love that bound us together…What if, instead of just joining in this movement for one evening gathering or a few daytime prayer sets, what if people decided to truly devote and dedicate the ten days to God and to the Church in this city? When the Church is truly united as one, we will be a force to be reckoned with…

Why “One Kingdom Warrior?”

Hi! Welcome to my new blog, where I’ll be sharing my stories of what God is doing in my life – of ups and downs, of joys and triumphs, as well as the long hard steady climb of big mountains I am climbing. Thanks for joining me on this journey – I couldn’t do it without you!

I wanted to start off by writing why I chose the name “One Kingdom Warrior.”
First, there is a lot of meaning behind my name Kelly. My parents (who are amazing, by the way!) named me Kelly, which means “warrior woman.” They chose this name for me because seven months into my mom’s pregnancy, I decided it was time to be born. When I wanted to be born, even the medical inducement couldn’t keep this from happening, so I ended up coming into the world on April 13, 1985 – a whole seven weeks premature there was only 3 pounds, 8 ounces of me. I had to stay in an incubator for these seven weeks with only my small turtle stuffed animal that plays “Its a Small World” as my constant companion.
I have continued to have this steadfast, stubborn warrior-type attitude throughout my years, which is why I wanted to include the name “Warrior” in my blog title. My parents never let anything stop me and always pushed me to the limits, even taking me camping when my lungs were still undersized and I needed a monitor to help me remember to breathe (it only beeped one time!) At the right you can see a picture of my dad taking me skiing when I was just a few months old –

Now for the “One Kingdom” part of my blog’s title – I feel that God is calling me to better unite the Church into “One kingdom.” All of the Christian denominations are part of the same Church, the same kingdom of God – in Ephesians 4:5-6 it says “There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and father who is over all, and in all and through all.” Yes, we are all part of the same Kingdom, and God has given me a passion for uniting the Christian community and to make the one kingdom that He desires us to be a reality. More about this later.
Yes, I am a warrior, and I am passionate that we are all in “One Kingdom” but when you put these together, you see that truly I am only “One Kingdom Warrior.” I am just one small piece of the puzzle, of God’s mighty work in Boston and throughout the earth. I feel incredibly blessed every day that I get to spread His love and His joy in our world.
So that’s why I chose my blog name, and I’m stickin’ to it. Thanks for coming along this ride with me!